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EXTENDING THE STORY! (video commissions from kickstarter)

Hello friends! Thank you for EXTENDING THE STORY.

Your support for Genderfantasy via our KICKSTARTER campaign is inspiring and I want to thank you by giving something back.

Not only is your donation supporting Genderfantasy on stage it will also help me continue my exploration of the themes and process used to create the stage show. You will help guide me into further inquiry of the themes and process of Genderfantasy, in essence you are EXTENDING THE STORY!

Here’s how it works.

I will make a specialized video vignette in appropriate make-up and costumery and perform improvisations and choreography with the video’s length based on your donation amount. This video will be dedicated to you and to a beloved queer spirit/ancestor.

You might ask “Why are you dedicating MY video to a dead queer person?” I’m glad you ASKED! All of Genderfantasy is dedicated to the memory of the courageous queer spirits who have made history, been ignored by history and are history.  By connecting someone who is living to an artist/person from the past I become a medium collaborating with the language of the living and the language of the dead. It is through this process that Genderfantasy was created and it is through this process I honor those who have come before me.

I would not be here creating Genderfantasy without the courageousness and brilliance of queer artists, provocateurs, radicals, and lovers. Artists who embodied radical ideas and helped shape the evolution of society and the nature of gender and gender performance as we know it. Those misfits and two-spirits, lady boys and deviants, rebels and innovators inspire me.

I will research the artist/ancestor you are paired with (or the one you request) to add to the texture of the video.


FirstYou’ve donated to our kickstarter campaign and specifically requested this reward and have confirmed with me via email you want this reward.

25-30$ =30 seconds of video

30-40$ =45 seconds of video

40-50$ =1 min seconds of video

50-70$ =2 min of video

70$+ = 3 min of video

500$+ I will make you a 5 minute music video and give you copies of it on DVD

SECOND  You choose 1-5 terms from the Genderfantasy Vernacular.

Pageant Queen



Meat Body

Meat Queen

Meat Pageant

Bright Eyes

Clarissa’s Wig

Clarissa’s Drug

Party Girl

Lipsynch for your life




Limp Wristed

Sissy giggle

2nd place

Awkward Fierce

Ancestor Circle

She backs away from home

Moving the earth as the earth moves you

ruler alpha father

standing ground in battle/conflict

prance and stretch

in middle of, in between transfer

give in

Third Choose ONE item!





Fourth *optional

Give me a word, or a sentence to play with. (Limit 13 words) I will incorporate this into the piece. It can be inspired by the Genderfantasy Vernacular, the body, your experience with your gender or something else entirely. Come from the heart.

*Remember this will be posted on the internet and I will be dedicating it to you and pairing you with a beloved dead queer ancestor/spirit to share in the dedication.


Once the campaign is successful and Genderfantasy closes it’s run on DEC 4th. I will take the collected information and hit the studio to produce some videos, find new insights, and EXTEND THE STORY.



1.Kaj-anne Pepper donated 25 dollars = 30sec video

2.Chosen words from the GF Vernacular:

Awkward fierce

Sissy Giggle

Prance and Stretch


3.The Mirror!

4. I want you to say… “Nobody puts a Sissy in the corner!”


Thanks for playing!

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