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Photos of the fantasy and another stream of consciousness about Genderfantasy

October 26, 2011

Whoohoo! Kickstarter has launched and in the first day we have 115$ so far! Please, visit the kickstarter link and check out our awesome rewards for your support!

Today I met with one of my photographers the lovely Wayne Bund and downloaded 1,000 photos from our most recent photoshoot/video shoot. It was glamorous. The process of documenting fantasy is the construction of glamour. The act of posing and representing liminal states of consciousness, representations of altered gender and play acting with permeable and quicksilver characters is the foundation of fantasy. Welcome to Genderfantasy where we sweat the illusion through our skin and our skin is covered in color and the color is the story of our lineage and the lineage is the conversation with our ancestors and the consequences of their actions. Charting ecstatic presentations of pageantry, inspired by queer radicals who take gender and use it like an etheric sculpture, transformed histories of oppression and fear of the other and give permission to their bodies, themselves and all who watch to be entranced and confused, entertained and questioned…

Genderfantasy is charting ecstatic presentations of pageantry. Inspired by queer radicals who see gender as a living permeable and malleable sculpture. Transforming histories and stories of oppression by play acting homo vs homo violence, unearthing hidden misogyny, and confronting internalized homophobias. Celebrating the woman, the man, the queer, the queen and the child inside all of us. Covered in texture and color. Lips dripping with desire. Fearless in the face of judgement. Judging in the face of fearlessness. Set in a theatre as a nightclub as a temple as a memory, these queens shift alliances and desires like quicksilver and compete only to build energy to reach deeper into their decaying shared fantasy…pulsing, driving, fighting, laughing, lipsynching for their life, confusing the elements, and letting the elements confuse them. Will they find each other as they spiral and circle with the living memory of the dead? Will they find strength through adversity and physical exertion? Will two become one? WIll they find peace as they dig past the chalky shadowed layers of false advertising and cultural baggage? Will they shed their skin and find their new body, reborn after hyperventilating past the intimacy necessary to accept an OTHER as SELF?

Here are some pics from the photo shoot. I’ve included a bunch that show how we’ve been making flipbooks with FLIPTOGRAPHY.NET

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