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Photos from Sass Patrol!

October 21, 2011

First I’d like to thank the photographers who took these images, Dan Ostergren and Marty Davis… Thanks! I also have to thank my Sass Patrol team Jodi Bon Jodi, Piwacket (our lovely hostess) Nico Bella and Claude Anne Morgan! They really pulled it together and supported me by making the show run smoothly.

Also a big shout out to all the performers who really brought the magic!

Sass Patrol was LOTS of fun and the feed back I keep getting is “Wow what a variety of talent you pulled together! Awesome!”

We had drag acts, MC’s, a quartet, an aerialist, live music, self-referential performance art deconstructing identity, time and space! and of course the official Genderfantasy preview.

I do have to say the surprise performance between The Julians, Holcombe Waller and Fannie Mae Darling took my breath away. I am so thankful they all were such good sports with my last minute ideas and wishes.

I have helped throw events before but SASS Patrol was the first event I’ve thrown start to finish as the one responsible for the situation. This entire process of Genderfantasy from conception to rehearsal to networking and promoting to fundraising and in a month opening the show has given me so much more respect for local party promoters and directors I’ve worked with. It’s NOT easy to wrangle talent, and hold a space for the magic to happen, but it’s worth it.

Sass Patrol has taught me there are folks out there who love the work I’m doing and are interested to see not only the product of my creative endeavors but also my development as an artist and director. The event also taught me I have some jaw dropping awesome amazing talented friends! It gives me hope and I am inspired to work harder and continue because of them, especially since this is the beginning of what I hope to be more and more presentations of my work on a larger scale.

It also teaches me there is more to learn and more people to reach out to, new and exciting relationships to build and of course skills to sharpen.

Right now I’m wearing many hats. Project manager, fundraising captain, director, choreographer, dancers, publicist and stylist. I guess I’m just hands on! And on Friday 21st (today) we go into the Fliptography studios to make fliptbooks, create some choreography for video and get all dressed up for some photos! I told my dancers you bring the meat and I’ll bring the glitter together we’ll have a glamorous time.

Keep posted for our kickstarter campaign coming up this week! and see you Dec 1-4th at The Headwaters!

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