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Genderfantasy! excerpt 1 BENT (The Construction of Glamour)

September 16, 2011



Genderfantasy! is gearing up! Our next show is Sunday Sept 18th 6:30 Pm at the NOT ENOUGH! festival   6635 N. Baltimore St., Portland, OR 

We will be performing and creating an installation based on our work in Genderfantasy! We will be exploring the more elemental and physical aspects of GF! Come see us use chalk, candles, dancing and live music by Sarah Dee Ditson and myself to pay homage to queer spirits and artists at this punk rock queer DIY festival!


We have been teaming up with local queer nightlife and arts events to show and highlight different parts of GF! Our first excerpt/sneak peek was last Friday Sept 9th at BENT. BENT is one of my favorite queer dance parties slightly hidden out in NOPO down on Lombard almost to St. Johns. It has the feel of what the infamous and now defunct party BOOTY used to have, but current and here and happening. BENT is queer specific and aims to produce a hot dance party and safe space for folks to enjoy themselves. I thought it would be a perfect space to workshop GF.

Excerpt 1 (The Construction of Glamour) is a satellite performance of GF! It combines aspects of public rehearsal, performance, installation and photo shoot.The audience was positioned to watch us from the side to watch the photo shoot. As if watching a photo shoot, which they were actually watching. A performance about the performance of the photo shoot and a performance about the performance of being glamorous. We each spent about 50 minutes in make up. Being done up by my make-up designer Raijah Antoinette. We latexed our arms and painted them black and glittery. We painted our fingers with glitter to make loud claws/fingernails. We wore trashy “glamour” (their style name) wigs and my wig feel off quite early. We lip synched we danced, we fought, we got awkward fierce. We switched the game up and mugged the camera as hard as we could until our momentum took us up off and out of the camera zone and into the audience. We shed our skin.

Thanks Dan for the photos!


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