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Genderfantasy! at BENT Sept 9th MIDNIGHT

August 29, 2011

BENT presents a sneak peek excerpt from Kaj-anne Pepper’s new dance piece GENDERFANTASY!Kaj-anne Pepper has been exploring the intersections between art, performance, queer nightlife, gender identity, and drag throughout the years. Now; Kaj-anne is back at it again with Genderfantasy! a new spellbinding surreal drag show partially funded by RACC the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Come to BENT for the unique chance to see the GENDERFANTASY! cast perform a hybrid of rehearsal/showing, live extreme glamour photo shoot and an audience participatory movement spectacle. Audience members become de-facto participants in the show as all are encouraged to “come dressed ready dance with the cast as they serve and construct high concept glamour”.

What is Genderfantasy!? According to Kaj-Anne- “It is extreme glamour….a dance pageant exploring physicality, sexuality and power in a post-gender fantasy”. The show will feature interactive photo-booths; striking visuals; surreal drag performances; video installations; and a hot, sweaty, and high-glam queer dance party.  This party should not only challenge our concepts of nightlife and art but provide “a multi-sensory ritual at the crossroads between man and woman, human and spirit, glamour and realness.”

Genderfantasy! will be premiering DEC 1st-4th at The Headwaters Theatre located at 55 NE Farragut st Portland OR 97211.

Stay tuned for SASS PATROL at The Someday Lounge for the Genderfantasy! cabaret benefit!


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